Stephanie Villa, aka Soothing Sista recently featured Aquation Moisturizing Cream on her YouTube channel. Whether you are in the midst of post-tattoo care or simply looking for a straight-forward moisturizer, Stephanie agrees that Aquation has the perfect product for you.

At Aquation we realize your body is a canvas and we want to help you care for your tattoo. Here are a few reasons why Aquation is great for post tattoo care:

1. Paraben Free

Parabens are used by many brands as a cheap preservative system, but these ingredients can potentially disrupt your hormones and endocrine system. Why take the risk and expose your newly tattooed and vulnerable skin and body to these chemicals???

2. Petrolatum Free

Keeping your tattoo hydrated is fundamental so that it maintains brightness. Many moisturizers contain petrolatum to seal the area and block moisture from escaping, but in turn can also clog pores which can lead to infection. Aquation is formulated without petrolatum so your skin can breathe while still moisturizing for 24 hours.

3. Fragrance Free

Many personal care products with added fragrance contain chemicals and oils that can cause irritation and delay healing. You should use fragrance free cleansers and moisturizers for long-term tattoo care because the additives in scented products can fade the color of your tattoo.